soydevs: noooo! you have to use centralized git hosting platforms like github!! noooo!
me: i use cgit lol

Welcome to my git server

This is my git server. I self-host git becuase centralized git sites like Github have been known to take down repositories unfairly. I'm a firm proponent of free speech, and believe everyone should have a website to avoid deplatformation. It's equally important to self-host git so that your code can never be censored.

Why cgit?

cgit is a fast web frontend to git repositories. I chose it over alternatives because it's lightweight on the server and client, and I found it easier to install and configure than other minimalist git frontends. If you want to run a git server, you could try out gitweb, or if you want something even simpler, try stagit. It statically generates a page for each git repository instead of dynamically generating them like cgit or gitweb.

How to contribute?

My git repositories are mirrored on my Codeberg, so you can submit pull requests there.